A new year means new resolutions and this doesn't exclude businesses. With the ever present threat of an impending cyber attack, preparing your company for such threats is a top priority. This is especially true for community banks in your local community. 

This article from JD Supra allows us to take a closer look at what these threats are, how they might impact banks in your local community, and a few precautions that have been taken to kickstart cybersecurity efforts. Here at Metova, the cybersecurity of your business is of upmost importance. If you're interested in securing your online presence feel free to reach out to our team! 


Topics: Security

Alexa Williams

Written by Alexa Williams

Alexa graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a Business Management degree in 2014. She then joined the Metova team where she has combined her creative flair and business background in marketing strategy. Alexa spends her free time enjoying enormous amounts of coffee, doing yoga, and playing with her dog.

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