Infographics are becoming more and more relevant with the increased usage of social media forums for marketing. Whether you are trying to get some exciting statistics about your product to your target audience, summarize a new service you offer, or celebrate a specific holiday with fun facts an infographic is sure to catch the attention of your social media followers and get your point across quickly and concisely.


To illustrate five statistical reasons that infographics work and you should consider utilizing them in your own marketing strategy, we have created an infographic just for you! Enjoy. 




Topics: Design & Strategy

Alexa Williams

Written by Alexa Williams

Alexa graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a Business Management degree in 2014. She then joined the Metova team where she has combined her creative flair and business background in marketing strategy. Alexa spends her free time enjoying enormous amounts of coffee, doing yoga, and playing with her dog.

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